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It was written in the stars that our destiny was Allen Michael and the One World Family Commune. My husband, Michael, and I were living in Staten Island when we returned from Madrid with our two boys, Michael 4 and Rhys 2, with the intention of moving to the SF Bay Area, my previous home.

The magic began when we read Napoleon Hill’s book, “Thank and Grow Rich.” A short time later , our intention paid off when Michael’s brokerage firm opened an office in San Francisco and transferred him there. We moved to Marin County and had two more children, Caitlin and Chris. This was during the many protests to the Viet Nam War. At that time, in our growing awareness, we began looking for a vegetarian communal group who shared our values.

Myself with Allen Michael and our Traveling Crusader

“We packed up and, with our 4 children, moved into the One World Family Commune.”

The synchronicity occurred again when a hitchhiker we picked up (hitchhiking was in in those Flower Children days) told us about Allen Michael and the One World Family Commune in San Francisco. When we arrived there, the gathering was in an attractive Victorian house across from the Golden Gate Panhandle, a block below Haight Street. The Meditation Room was colorfully carpeted, with platforms and cushions for sitting.

Allen Michael’s presence, with his beautiful blue eyes and his high vibration lit up the room. His messages re: ETI, Extra Territorial Intelligence, the evil of the Usury Money System and Sharing rang true. It was all just what we were looking for. We packed up and, with our 4 children, moved into the One World Family Commune.

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