Hello New World!    

Greetings from Santa Rosa!

Welcome to my new weblog. I will be sharing some articles I’ve written, along with reflections on my experiences and channelings from our Universe.

Know that the planet is rapidly progressing toward the great awakening, where all of humanity shares all things in common, and we have absolute freedom, security and abundance for everyone as a great One World Family.

Stay tuned! I invite your feedback and questions.


Book Review:
The Everlasting Gospel

By Del Rainer

The Everlasting Gospel – New World Bible
Channeled thru Allen Michael

The Everlasting Gospel – New World Bible is unlike any book that has ever been published. For the first time in Earth’s history, this book tells of the energy separation that occurred in this Solar System, destroying the Planets and leaving 24 billion entities spaced-out. To retrieve these beings, this planet was prepared for them to incarnate into time bodies, lifetime after lifetime, to reprogram their etheric bodies through a facsimile experience to come back into the knowing of the Universal Mind and once again, to manifest in their eternal bodies. More …

Allen Michael: An Enlightened Being

by Del Rainer

On March 25, 2010, after an extraordinary lifetime of 93 years, the Galactic Messenger, Allen Michael, left the planet. As a messenger of Creation, his life was dedicated to serving humanity thru his channeled writings. From the time when he was first given his mission from Galactica, he never lacked courage in bringing his revolutionary message to the people.

His life was devoted to bringing the truth to the people thru interviews, speaking at gatherings, making videos and writing his yellow pages for the five books published by the One World Family Commune. You can read of his amazing experience when contacted by Galactica here: Allen Michael, the New World Comforter. More …

My Life in the One World Family Commune

By Del Rainer

It has been over 40 years since a group of us dropped out of the old world of duality, of buying and selling for personal gain, and joined together to live as a communal family, sharing all things in common, giving, receiving and forgiving. This is the story of my experience, covering the wonderful days of the One World Family Commune and the revelations of truth that have come to me as the result of living and sharing together and, above all, being associated with an enlightened Being, Galactic Channel Allen Michael.

More …